Song Lyrics Sunday: Isolation

This is a John Lennon song that I never heard before, and it fits this week’s theme for Song Lyrics Sunday with the prompts Alone/Confined/Depressed/Isolated/Restless/Solo . After listening to several other songs that fit the prompt, I chose this one because I have always been a big fan of the Beatles and John’s solo career. […]

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Flashback Friday on Saturday

On February 8, 2014, I published this post about a historic event 50 years before – the Beatles first coming to America! It’s now 56 years later, but I’ve been enjoying reminiscing on the XM Radio Beatles Channel! Here’s the link: It Was 50 Years Ago Today Fandango’s Flashback Friday on Saturday

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It was 50 years ago today…

Yesterday (Feb. 7) was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America! I think it was on Feb. 8 that they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was eleven years old and in sixth grade in February of 1964. I was at that age when pre-teens look toward the teenage years with […]

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