A Photo a Week: Brown

I once wrote an essay about brown (part of my series about colors). It maligns the color, however – actually things I personally associated with it – so I am not going to include it here. In fact, like in Nancy Merrill’s challenge A Photo a Week, I also associate brown with Thanksgiving. My first […]

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Lens-Artists Challenge #36: Around the Neighborhood in Des Plaines, Illinois

Lens-Artists’ weekly photo challenge this week is Around the Neighborhood. I selected some photos from my photo archive of the last few years that are “typical” of Des Plaines, Illinois, the Chicago suburb where I live. More and more of these signs have popped up in people’s yards since the beginning of the Trump administration. […]

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A Photo a Week: Things With Wings

Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week challenge this week is Things With Wings. Yesterday a friend and I visited Christkindlmarkt in Chicago – an annual German market that sets up for the holiday season at the Daley Plaza. Someone must have been generous with bird seed to attract this plethora of pigeons! Then today it […]

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FOTD: Flower With Monarch

The main attraction in these photos, for me, was the monarch butterfly. But from the monarch’s perspective, the obvious attraction was the pink flower she* posed on! See more beautiful flowers at Cee’s Flower of the Day. *I don’t actually know whether it was a male or female. To me, all butterflies are female!

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Delicate Are the Butterflies

The subject of Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week this week is delicate. Recently, I visited the butterfly exhibit at Chicago Botanic Gardens with my friend, Marcia. Marcia was wearing a Hawaiian blouse with blue flowers and a butterfly landed on it. The butterfly stayed there quite awhile – the flower pattern was large and […]

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A Walk in the Clouds

March 29, 2017                                 Costa Rica Today we were going to take “A Walk in the Clouds.” It was to be a hike in the cloud forest, crossing several suspension bridges and seeing hummingbirds and butterflies. Our guide’s name was […]

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FOTD: Butterfly Weed

These lovely, tiny orange flowers are produced by a member of the milkweed family, known as “butterfly weed.” I have a beautiful crop of it this year (it was planted last year) and hope that it will attract monarch butterflies!  There is a milkweed beetle that lives on the plant, and I found one under […]

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