FOTD: In the Garden

I used to know the name of this flower in the community garden, but I can’t recall it now! Feel free to remind me of it if you know it! Cee’s FOTD 9/25/20 Update: A few different people have informed me that it is a “malva” which is commonly known as “mallow” in English. I […]

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FOTD: Sunflowers

Most of the flower pictures I have taken lately have been in our community garden. This is how a large sunflower plant looked on Sept. 2: Same plant, two weeks later: Close up of one of the sunflowers (down low!): Cee is back home, safe and sound! This post is for her FOTD 9/19/20.

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FOTD: Sunflower

Cee Neuner has had to evacuate from her home in Canby, Oregon, to her sister’s in Idaho. The fires are raging in Oregon! I don’t know if she will post FOTD today or not, but I am posting this in her honor – we’re thinking of you, Cee, and happy you are safe!

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