Curitiba’s Municipal Market

November 12, 2016 We planned to go to the large Mercado Municipal, an enclosed market of mostly food stalls.  My points of reference were those in Peru and Mexico. On our way there, we stopped for a late lunch at a popular churrascaria which catered to a lunch crowd, Pepino Azedo, which was about to […]

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Curitiba’s Historic District

November 12, 2016 Our plan today was to walk around the Setor Histórico downtown.  Although it was cool, rain was no longer in the forecast. First we stopped at Clube Curitibano, which I wrote about in another post. Leaving the Clube Curitibano property, we walked through a plaza of white and black mosaic tiles, lined […]

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Thursday Doors: Clube Curitibano

Clube Curitibano is a social club in Curitiba to which my friends and their family belong. It was founded in 1881 and was originally a club for people of German descent but expanded with time.  This building is the older – and smaller – of the club’s properties. However, I’m sure it is the most […]

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WPC: Brazilian Street Names

I have been to Rio de Janeiro several times and spent extended periods there. Yet it wasn’t until my most recent visit last November, that I noticed something interesting about the street signs. In Brazil, many (if not most) streets are named after specific people.  Usually it’s someone I have never heard of. But in […]

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Thursday Doors: Café do Paço

In the historic center of Curitiba, there is a “teaching cafe” – that is, it is a cafe in which the servers and those who prepare the coffee are students at the Escola Senac who are learning the art of presentation and serving of a good coffee. The students also learn how to prepare appetizers […]

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CFFC: Roofs of Vista Alegre

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, the theme is roofs. I am in Curitiba,  PR, Brazil and took these pictures on a walk today in the neighborhood of Vista Alegre. 2016-11-15/cees-fun-foto-challenge-roofs/ Note: I am using my cell phone for this challenge, for the first time, so it’s a bit mixed up!       […]

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