An Easter Hallelujah

This video has gone viral because it is so beautifully written and performed by two Canadian sisters, Cassandra Star (aged 10) and Callahan (aged 19) Armstrong. It uses the melody of Leonard Cohen’s famous song “Hallelujah” with words written by Kelly Mooney that tell the Easter story. The sisters originally recorded it as a gift for their grandparents as their grandmother battles illness and the family is separated for the holiday. Their grandmother is a religious person and has been unable to go to church since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen and watch – the lyrics are printed on the screen as they sing.

Source: CBC News Canada

Farewell April Squares: To Top It Off…

Today is the last day of Becky’s April Squares! To top it off, I show you my favorite dessert:
Schaum torte!

If you don’t know this delectable delicacy, it consists of a meringue at the bottom. The meringue should be prepared with a depression in the middle to put a scoop of ice cream.

Then to top it off – add strawberries and/or hot fudge sauce (homemade, hopefully!)


Easter 2019: Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water!

I look forward to having this dessert every Easter, because that is when my niece Maria makes a batch of green meringues. She brings them to my sister’s house, and there, after enjoying an Easter meal, my sister brings out the ice cream and has a homemade recipe of hot fudge sauce on the stove…and a bowl of strawberries waiting for consumption!

We could not have schaum tortes this year, since physical distancing forced us to stay home and not have our traditional Easter dessert. But I look forward to next year!!

CFFC: E is for…

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, the letter of the week is E –  words with two E in them!  The possibilities are enormous, so I limited myself to words that start with E and have another E in them.

Elves 20170622_191911


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Eclipse (eighty-seven percent of total)

20170821_130602 (2)


KODAK Digital Still Camera

My eldest sister (whose birthday happens to be today! Happy birthday, Judy!)

Ben, Jen, Judy (2)

Elephant Ears

Large leafed plant

Elementary school (where I was employed to engage and encourage students every day)

Good-bye, Winston Campus Elementary! My last view looking back at C Wing.