CFFC: Everyday Necessities

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the theme you make use of every day – ordinary but useful objects.

Necessary meds
My feet – they walk and exercise every day!
New keyboard for my computer
Art supplies – I am making homemade cards.
What’s in my drawer necessities
The obvious and probably most used necessary item in my house!
My husband calls our cat his “sanity saver!”

LAPC: The Objects of My Every Day

P.A. Moed is the host for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Everyday Objects.

I bought this little metal sculpture of a javelina at a street fair in Tucson, Arizona. Its home is in front of my fireplace. One of my cat’s toys is under her chin right now. (My cat’s favorite toys are balls that she rolls around the house until they get stuck somewhere.)
This is one of my ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ pictures. Our food is delivered to our door every day and often includes either bananas or oranges.
Another ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ picture – we had accumulated several masks and a pair of plastic gloves that had been sitting around forever, so I found a little basket to put the masks in. Now we always know where to find a clean mask!
I originally took this photo for another photo challenge – maybe favorite snacks?
Another pandemic picture from early in the lockdown – our TV set, mounted on the wall, tuned to our community’s closed caption channel which that day was broadcasting a concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
An everyday object – a pencil – in an unusual place: stuck in a display of evergreens.

Here’s a gallery of some things I’ve photographed in the past.

CFFC: Mystery of the Glass

I have a file of photos labeled “Mystery photos.” Taking a picture of something very close up or from only one angle can change the perspective or disorient the viewer because there is no context in which to understand what one is looking at.  This, for example:


I was sitting on the porch of our cottage in Wisconsin one summer and had just finished drinking a glass of water. The sun’s reflection on the glass gave it a weird, sort of creepy look and I cropped the photo to focus in on just the reflection of the glass on the wooden surface of the table (above).

Here’s the photo in its entirety:


It’s just a different way of looking at a common object, like a drinking glass!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups, Saucers

WPC: Abstract

When does a picture look like something other than what it is? Or like nothing at all in particular? Here are my interpretations of this week’s weekly photo challenge: abstract.

banana peel

banana peel

Mystery picture: What is this? soap

dried up soap


I posted this before under a “mystery photo” series. Scary bony hand? No, it’s the reflection of a drinking glass on a table.


thighs in jeans

A spreading stump/root system - what does it look like?

A spreading stump/root system – what does it look like?