Thursday Doors: Besaw Island

While on our 5-day Nile River cruise in Egypt, we stopped at an island where we visited a farmer and his family, and we were shown around the area where he lives. For Norm’s Thursday Doors feature this week, here are some doors and other sights on Besaw Island. On our way to our host’s […]

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Travel Theme: Animal Companions

For Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, I am including some animals that aren’t exactly “companions” although in all the time I spent in Northern Wisconsin, I have always looked forward to seeing loons on the lake and hearing their calls. In that sense, they have been my “companions” on the lake, as they have become […]

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Finland: Savijarvi Farm

August 13, 2015 Savijarvi Farm We turned off the highway onto a windy, hilly road reminiscent of those in northern Wisconsin that lead from main highways to peaceful places among trees and lakes. This led us to Savijarvi Farm. On the farm, we were greeted by Agnetha (pronounced “Ahn-yeh-ta”), a white-haired, very slim elderly woman […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

THREE BOUNDARIES: In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.” Kitty TV: On a snowy day in January, my cat, Hazel, gazes out into the white wilderness from a favorite window. Both the window and the icicles provide the boundaries which keep her inside, safe and warm from the cold winter outside, while […]

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My New Blog – Come See!!

Today I posted my first post on my new blog: We Are Such Stuff IV! I hope you will follow this link and see how it’s going! This blog will be an ancestral history of immigration, abolitionism, war, and family ties. It concerns my father’s mother’s ancestors and starts around the year 1800. The title […]

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