CB&WPC: Footwear and Feet

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is feet or shoes human and animal.

Collections of shoes and other footwear

One Word Sunday: Feet in Nature and Art

Debbie at Travel With Intent has a weekly photo challenge called One Word Sunday. This week the theme is feet.
Kitty feet!
IMAG1373 (2)
Egyptian geese feet
Camel feet
My feet – on a beach in Rio de Janeiro
I’m sad to say…here’s what one of my feet looks like now! 😮
20190812_223731 subject for future drawing
I’ve actually done several drawings of feet – this is one of them.

20190812_223132 Ballet Feet (c1970)
“Ballet Feet” (circa 1970) – pencil on drawing paper




CFFC: Feet, Legs, and Paws

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is: feet and/or legs – I’ve added paws!

My niece shows off the clogs she got for her birthday in April.20190420_171819

Chinese Foo Dog paw crushing her “baby” underfoot (in front of House of Szechwan Restaurant in Des Plaines, IL) . This has some symbolism. Foo dogs are typically placed at the entrance to buildings as sort of a guardian. I don’t know why they sometimes crush their baby underfoot!


One of Hazel’s paws
IMAG1373 (2).jpg
Dale in his bright blue athletic shoes
20190524_155734 (2)
Pencil drawing I did of my feet
my feet 8-19-18.jpg
Carving of the foot of an Egyptian pharaoh (Kom Ombo, Egypt)
20181231_152638 (2)

CFFC: Feet and shoes


My new pedicure!
A new coat of polish right after a pedicure


My feet (left) and Betsy's (right) after a pedicure!
My niece and I went for a pedicure in Sept. 2013. I decided on orange – a bold move for me at the time – in time for the upcoming Halloween. My niece’s feet are on the right.

Footwear (sans feet!)

The evolution of Native American footwear (taken at Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis)

Display of boots for sale in Santa Cruz, California

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Legs and Feet