Sunday Stills: Getting It Straight

Terri Webster Schrandt has a Sunday photo challenge, Sunday Stills. The theme this week is straight.

Apartment building (Woodstock, IL)

Here’s a place I’ve really been missing the last few months – the library! (Des Plaines, IL)

Under these floor tiles, several hundred people were buried during the Middle Ages! (Oude Kerk, Amsterdam)

Bridges: Pegasus Bridge (Normandy, France)

Bridge over a river on the border of Germany and Austria (near Scharding, Austria)

A tall house (Mont St-Michel, France)

Entrance to a graveyard (Merville-Franceville-Plage, France)

A straight and narrow street in Passau, Germany

Ornate fence in front of the World Museum in Vienna, Austria

CB&WPC: Tucson Fences & Gates

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is fences and gates.

I found some unique fences in Tucson, Arizona.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This fence is made of ocotillo branches, woven together. Ocotillo is a type of desert plant like a cactus. Its long, thin branches grow upward from the ground, and each one contains prickly spines!

20151215_103410 (2)

My cousin lives in a cooperative community called Milagro. The houses are pretty much the same design, and this fence & gate is in front of one of her neighbor’s.


Rudimentary fence and fancy gate in the garden of the artist deGrazia’s studio.


We walked around an interesting neighborhood in Tucson with some creative gates, like this one. The fence itself is wire, blending in with the desert plants that climb up it.


This one was more conventional, but I liked the wreath (it was just before Christmas) and the fruit-laden orange trees!


Ultra modern, less inviting. You can’t see the house, giving the feeling that the residents want to keep people out!

Cee’s B&WPC: Gates and Fences

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is gates and fences.

Nature Gate: Crazy Horse National Monument, South Dakota (filter used: Denim).KODAK Digital Still Camera
Neighborhood fence, Des Plaines, Illinois (filter used: Slate)
20170907_143202 (2)
Neighborhood fence with flowers, Des Plaines, Illinois (filter used: Mercury)20180911_095301 (2)
Cairo Marriott Hotel gate, Cairo, Egypt (filter used: Vanilla)20190105_150003
Gate for a house in Rishon le Tsiyon, Israel (filter used: Slate)
20190108_132546 (2)
Front gate at Church of All Nations, Jerusalem, Israel (filter used: Mercury)
20190113_080512 (2)

Treehouse: Oddball Thursday Doors

When I saw this tree, I thought of the stories of my childhood, where families of rabbits or squirrels wearing human clothing, lived.  I discovered it on one of my walks on a local walking path, which passes a couple of private homes. Someone has used the contours and scars of this tree trunk to fill in the spaces with itty-bitty doors and windows, adding details such as miniature picket fences and chimneys made of odd objects. I couldn’t resist posting this for Norm’s Thursday Doors and Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

Perhaps this is more like a tree apartment building!
Any minute I expected one of the tiny doors would open and Mama Rabbit in her apron would appear!
The chimney on this one is very clever!
Now I admire it every time I go by and the ingeniousness of its creator!

Thursday Special: Pick a Word in August Y3 – Tanzania

Paula at Lost in Translation’s Thursday Special – Pick a Word in August Y3 is a challenge to find a photo representing each of the following words: fortified, chic, submerged, embodiment, and prehistoric. I found good examples of each in my photos of Tanzania.

fortified – this fence of nettles and thorny acacia branches fortifies a Maasai village from potential intruders (Tanzania)2-7 fence made of nettles & acacia thorn branches-Maasai compound
chic: this male kori bustard shows off for his mate!SONY DSC
submerged: mother & baby hipposSONY DSC
embodiment – this reconstruction of “Lucy” is the embodiment of australopithecus afarensis, a distant ancestor of hominids, and the work archaeologists do to piece together fossilized remains to learn about the evolution of species. (Museum at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)
2-8 Oldupai-Lucy-australopithecus afarensis
prehistoric: skull of homo habilis, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania2-8 Oldupai-skull of homo habilis

WPC: Slanted and Straight

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to present photos showing “lines.”  

These photos all contain lines that slant together with lines that are straight, which is how I selected photos for this challenge.

Slanting double trees with hyacinths
20180424_145834Wooden door of a storage shed 20170831_142117_001
Fences create slanting lines when viewed head on – they lead to a hypothetical vanishing point.  This is called one-point perspective, a basic technique used in drawing and photography.  Below, a fence in León, Nicaragua followed by a fence in Des Plaines.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

20170907_143202Buildings also offer excellent opportunity for juxtaposed slanting and straight lines using one-point perspective, such as the outside of the Des Plaines Library and …
20180322_142823a hallway at Writers’ Theatre in Glencoe, Illinois.20180427_191419and a row of chairs in that same theatre. (A few curves, too, since not all the chairs fold up uniformly!)
Nature combined with man-made structures offers another opportunity to photograph slanted and straight lines.  This photo shows the contours of nature in the trees, and how they have been cut to accommodate telephone wires.