WPC: Sweet

Our recent trip to Tanzania began with four days in Amsterdam, Netherlands. My brother has been there several times and recommended a place to find the best poffertjes – a famous Dutch sweet that is something like a small doughnut but soft inside. They are served with butter and powdered sugar, and at De Vier […]

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CFFC: Appropriately Apt…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week are things that begin with the letters Ap. In my archives I have photos that are appropriate and aptly suited to this challenge. I hope they meet with your approval! Apples:  Ape:     Appliances:  Old fashioned refrigerators (Bonanzaville, West Fargo, ND) Appetizers: (Oh, so appetizing!)   Appetizers and […]

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CFFC: Inner and Outer

A rare treat in the Midwest during winter – guavas! I found them on sale at a supermarket last week. I love the taste of the soft flesh combined with the crunchy seeds. Inside the Minnesota History Museum, looking out – or at least the appearance of it! Half-buried fire hydrant in a field of […]

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Word of the week: Bergamot

This week’s word of the week is bergamot (bur-guh-mot), a word my daughter used as a fragrance in a novel she was writing. For those familiar with Earl Grey tea, bergamot is apparently the fragrance in this brew. Here are the definitions given in Dictionary.com for bergamot: “noun 1. a small citrus tree, Citrus aurantium […]

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