Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand – what does it mean? In Spanish, the cognate is “grande”, which means big. However, “Grand” means more than just big: to me, it means majestic, awesome, breath-taking. In my travels, I have seen many places, both man-made and natural, that I would consider “Grand.”  Here are just a few of them: By far […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: layers

I see layers in a variety of things, most obviously in nature. Such as layers of land, clouds, and layers of color in the sky: Sunset at Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii Under the ground there are also layers, creating by eons of water dripping in caves to create interesting effects: Natural Bridge Caverns, near […]

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Carefree: Weekly Photo Challenge

Carefree to me means summertime, when the warm weather allows you to walk barefoot in the grass, when you can wiggle your toes in the sand at a beach, when you can have your morning coffee outside on the deck instead of inside. Carefree, to me, is Hawai’i. Animals can be carefree too, and playful.  […]

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