SYW: Of Trees, Burned Bridges, Heroism, and Priorities

It’s Monday and Melanie is back with her weekly Share Your World.

Do you have a favorite kind of tree?
Oh, that’s a hard one because I like all trees! I’m tempted to say maple trees because their leaves are so colorful in the fall. I like oak trees because they’re hardy. I like exotic trees like palms, because they represent warm weather and beaches, and olive trees because they can live for thousands of years and their trunks get wider and more gnarly. I love all kinds of evergreens – the smell of pine is one of my favorite scents. I also like birches because of their white bark. And redwoods – so tall and amazing!
redwood treesWhat bridges are you happy you burned?
The bridge that broke ties with my ex-husband. He could never take responsibility for his own actions (or lack of action) and decisions. There are aspects of this that I don’t really want to put on my blog, just suffice it to say that there were accusations made against him which he denied. Doing this also broke ties with his family, but only temporarily. His mother & sister and I reconciled, and his cousins too, and his sister and I continue to be good friends today.

Would you sacrifice yourself (die) for a stranger?
Probably not, but it makes me feel guilty to say so. I’m a coward in that regard. I was petrified that I would have to protect my students against a crazy mass shooter because I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up to the danger and protect them – but they were not strangers and it was my duty to protect them. I would never have gone into a profession where I would have to constantly put my life on the line. I don’t need to be a hero!

How have your priorities changed since the C-19 virus took over?
I have made my priorities all the things I like to do as well as projects that I have put off and need to be done. Now I have no excuse not to do them, although I am retired and so my life has not changed as dramatically as it has many people. Yes, I am restricted in my movements and I don’t venture off campus, but my daily routines have remained basically the same.

Instead of writing what I am grateful for, I want to mention things I ought to feel grateful for and am striving to remember them. It’s easy to say I’m grateful for my family, my cat, and my friends, but I don’t often think about the food that I eat. I grew up in a household where we said grace at dinner every night. My husband and I don’t do that now, and we didn’t do it when our kids were growing up. My husband is not religious; although he respects my faith and that of other people, he has no use for religion and is basically an atheist.

However, I think it’s important to stop and meditate a bit on the food we are about to eat. This is what I’m trying to do. It doesn’t have to be a prayer to God, just taking a moment to think about how the food gets to our table: the farmers who grow it, the laborers who pick or gather it, the people who work in the meat plants (in the case of meat, chicken, even fish), the drivers who take it to various places to be processed or distributed or both, the people who work at the supermarket where we purchase it. And I also strive to be grateful to the bounty of nature that provides the environment for food to grow. I think this will become easier once I start working in my garden – planting flowers, tomatoes, peppers and maybe other vegetables. That should start happening this week since the weather is finally warming up!!

So here is something I am grateful for: the warmth of late spring and summer, my favorite seasons!