CFFC: The K’s Have It

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge’s topic this week is needs to have the letter K anywhere in the word.

Korazim (also called Chorazin) National Archaeological Site in northern Israel

Katy (yours truly!) at Korazim

Katy’s drawing of a kitty
Cat 19-10-22 (white chalk on black construction paper) (2)

Kinderdijk – town of windmills in the Netherlands

Naschmarkt food market, Vienna, Austria

Kitten in Israel (we saw many felines in Israel, but this one was so little and so needy for affection!)
Karnak – one of the most important ancient Egyptian temple sites on the Nile

Obelisks at Karnak
Egyptian obelisin Paris that originally came from Karnak
id at orchid show (Chicago Botanic Gardens)

Karibu Sana! (Swahili for “You are very welcome”) – on our last night in Tanzania, the cooks at the safari camp made us a cake and sang.

And here’s a video, just for fun…

Khachaturian, Waltz from Masquerade

Lens-Artist #64: Countryside and/or Small Town

Lens-Artists #64 has the theme Countryside and/or Small Towns. We saw many beautiful places on our European vacation in June/July. Yes, it was exciting to visit large cities like Paris and Amsterdam, but the most beautiful places were the rural areas and small towns. I also include beautiful country scenes from other trips.


Kinderdijk, the Netherlands, on the Rhine. This is a popular place for cruises to stop because of the beauty of the many windmills. Each windmill is the home of a local family.


Wine-growing on the Main River in Germany


Farm near the border of Germany and Austria


Village in Normandy, France


Besaw Island on the Nile River, Egypt

2-3 lake where we saw flamingos-Arusha NP.jpg

Lake in Arusha National Park, Tanzania


Desert of rural Israel


Scene from Devils Elbow Bridge, Missouri

20180531_134601 (2).jpg

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado



North of Sedona, Arizona

Pull Up a Seat in Holland

For XingfuMama’s weekly Pull Up a Seat challenge, here are some seats in Amsterdam and Kinderdijk, Holland.

AMSTERDAM: My husband checks his email on his phone on the balcony of “our” apartment in the dePijp neighborhood.
AMSTERDAM:  Luza’s, where we had breakfast one day in the de Pijp neighborhood
KINDERDIJK: On the 2nd day of our river cruise, we visited this town in the Netherlands which has a lot of windmills. People live in many of the windmills, but the one we visited was more of a museum, with period furnishings.

CB&WPC: These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’

The topic of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is shoes, boots, slippers.

A store advertising display in Copenhagen, Denmark20150807_023349 (2)
My daughter’s shoes
Tam's shoes (2)
Please take off your shoes! New Year’s party-goers’ shoes at the entrance to a friend’s house
IMAG1377-Shoes-Sandy&Steve's house (2)
My sketch of my husband’s slippers
Dale's sandals 8-18-18
Cowboy boots for sale, Austin, Texas
20151223_134238 (2)
Display at Overlord Museum (a museum about D-Day and the invasion of Normandy in France)
20190620_125729 (2)
Dutch wooden shoes, Kinderdijk, Holland
DSC00780 (3)