FPQ: School Daze

I haven’t participated in Fandango’s Provocative Question lately, but I’m back! And #104 is a good one for me, because I am a former teacher and education has always been an interest of mine: Today’s provocative question is about formal education. We all have our opinions on how best to educate and prepare our children […]

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FPQ: Rediscovering My Joys

Fandango’s Provocative Question this week encourages us to look inward, at ourselves. Fandango writes: I saw this question on a site that offers up a bunch of “deep, philosophical” questions and this one intrigued me. It’s about evolution, but not in the context of Darwin’s evolution of the species. It’s more about evolution of the […]

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E is for ESL/ELL

May 13, 2015:  E is for ESL/ELL ESL and ELL are acronyms for basically the same thing: ESL stands for English as a Second Language and ELL stands for English language learner. So ESL is a methodology and ELL is the person to whom you apply that methodology in teaching. There are different programs for […]

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