Last Photo: September

This is Bushboys World‘s monthly challenge, Last Photo: September to post the last photo of the month on your camera or cellphone (or both!). This is a fun and easy challenge to participate in. Don’t forget to click on the link to see others’ contributions! I did a bit of editing to this photo of […]

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Last Photo(s) for July

Now a new month is here – August already!! It’s time for Bushboy’s Last Photos of the month. Here are my last photos taken in July from my cell phone (Samsung S7 – old now, but I like it!) and my camera (Sony alpha 380). The last one I took in July on my Samsung […]

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Last Photo(s) of June

Bushboys World sponsors a monthly invitation to share the last photo we took in June. On my cell phone, (Samsung Galaxy S7 – way out of date already, I know!) my last June photo was this pretty flower whose name I do not know. On my camera, (Sony alpha 380) here is the last photo […]

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Last and First Photos

Bushboys World has a new challenge, to post the last photo taken in January. I actually haven’t taken any ‘real’ photos the last several days, just my artwork. So here’s the last photo I snapped of a drawing I did on Wednesday. I am practicing drawing portraits. This is of a little girl named Zia […]

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