CFFC: Green & Orange

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge continues with its color series. This week the colors are orange and green separately or combined.

These combos were taken at the Park Ridge Farmer’s Market.

My zinnias in the full bloom of summer

Ripening tomatoes

A tree in the process of turning into fall color

Lovebirds in Tanzania

Entrance to a restaurant in Luxor, Egypt

Two in Amsterdam

Two at the orchid show at Chicago Botanic Gardens

CFFC: Dead or Wilting Flowers and Leaves

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is photos of dead or wilting flowers and/or leaves.

We needed to get some raking done!
Wilted orchid
Hydrangeas that were once blooming in white turn green and brown as they die in the fall, without losing their shape!
Flowers gone to seed
These flowers have seen better days!
Sunflower sans petals
This leaf isn’t dead or wilting, but it soon will die because it has been ravaged by Japanese beetles (they are particularly ferocious this year), creating this “lattice” pattern.

CFFC: Yellow

The topic of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is yellow.

Yellow building – Regensburg, GermanyDSC01662
Yellow rose – Chicago, IL
1st Presbyterian Church light fixture – Evanston, IL
Sunset at an outdoor concert – Elk Grove Village, IL
Brookfield Zoo entrance – Brookfield/Chicago, IL
Fish – Brookfield Zoo
Autumn color reflected in a pond with ducks – Des Plaines, IL
Flower – Arlington Heights, IL
Buildings – Luxor, Egypt
Yellow-breasted weaver – TanzaniaSONY DSC
Aspens turning yellow – Denali National Park, Alaska
Leaf – northern Wisconsin


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Leaves

S.t.P.A. has a photo challenge called “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge” and this week’s challenge is leaves. This is my first time participating in this challenge!

I took this photo at a local park in Des Plaines in June.
Since this was taken, I have moved! I know live at a senior community in Arlington Heights. Here are a few photos I took in the community gardens.


I’m not sure what this person is cultivating, but to me the leaves look like lettuce.


A dahlia and a squash peek out from behind these leaves.


My main focus here was the raspberries, but the jagged leaves are also interesting.

Camouflage and Contrast

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge for this week is Standing Out or Blending In.

Camouflage (blending in) is a common way in nature for animals to hide from predators or so they cannot be seen. It was hard to spot this eagle at first, because his brown feathers blend in so well with the tree branches.SONY DSC
There’s a giraffe in these woods somewhere…his long neck and spotted coat blend in with his surroundings.
On the other hand, some animals want to stand out to attract a mate with their bright colors. It is usually the male bird that has vivid colors, while the female’s feathers tend to be more muted so she can camouflage herself in her nest. Here is a lilac breasted weaver, who stands out against the sky.
Autumn is a great time to photograph things that stand out. The bright colors of the leaves on the trees, for instance…
or the brilliant orange canopy in sharp contrast with the bright blue sky.
Some things which remain hidden during leafy seasons of the year, stand out once the trees shed their leaves, such as this fairy-tale house in Des Plaines, which I can only get a good photo of in the fall or winter.
And during long December nights, holiday lights and the light of the moon stand out against the darkness.

Festival of Leaves: Spotty Color (Week 6)

I almost missed this week’s prompt for Festival of Leaves!  I was immediately reminded of this photo that I took last week for exactly that reason: the color on the tree behind the tall yellow one was spotty! Some leaves were still green, but most had turned various shades of orange or red.
Here are a couple more I took on the same day:
This one looks “spotty” but I think it might be the effect of the late afternoon sunlight.
Head over to Dawn’s Festival of Leaves if you would like to participate! She includes some interesting links, including a “fall foliage prediction map” which not only shows which areas are at peak color according to different dates, but it also contains information about why leaves change color!

These photos were taken on October 29 in my neighborhood of Des Plaines, IL, using my Samsung Galaxy S7 cellphone camera.