Going Out in a Blaze of Sunsets

It’s the last day of Becky’s January Square with the topic of ____light, and I am ending my participation with refracted light, such as the light that makes sunsets so colorful!

South Dakota20170527_200853 (2)
2-7 sunrise-Ngorongoro (2)2-11 sunset over Serengeti (2)

Illinois (Mississippi River)
Illinois – Arlington Heights
20191003_183854 (2)
Mont St.-Michel, France
20190618_214852 Twlight - Mont-St-Michel, refracted light
Egypt (on the Nile)
DSC_0275 (2)
On the Caribbean Sea
KODAK Digital Still Camera

#JanuarySquare 9: Hanukkah Lights

Hanukkah overlapped with Christmas this year and at North School Park in Arlington Heights, we met a rabbi at the Hanukkah (Chanukah) display of a menorah lit up for the 5th day of Hanukkah. (It’s hard to see but the light immediately to the left of the middle candle, called the shamas, is also lit.)
DSC02650 (2) menorah - North School Park.JPG
For those of you not familiar with Hanukkah, it is the Jewish celebration of a miracle that happened long ago when the Maccabees (a prominent Jewish band of rebels) took control of Judea when it was under Syrian rule. They planned to rededicate the Temple in Jerusalem. Under siege, they had oil only to last one day, but by miracle, it lasted eight days. The special Hanukkah menorah has nine candles. The one in the middle, usually elevated, is called the shamas, and is used to light the others, adding one during each night of Hanukkah.  The lighting of the candles is a ritual which takes place each evening of Hanukkah at sundown, during which special prayers are said. (Although I am Christian, my husband is Jewish, and we celebrate both holidays.)

The rabbi we met at the park invited us to visit his congregation for a Hanukkah party the Sunday after Christmas, which we didn’t do because we had other plans already. The rabbi went to his car, which had a glowing menorah on top!
Hanukkah is also known as the “Festival of Lights” which fits the topic of Becky’s January Squares challenge, _____light.

January Squares: Happy New Year Lights

Hurray! Becky’s back with her quarterly month-of-squares photo challenge! The theme this month is light! She suggests:
It would be great if you could join me daily, but you can post whenever inspiration highlights a square. Together we can alight this month with squares of sunlight, penlights, candlelight, searchlights, starlight, headlights, stoplights, taillights, flashlights, moonlight, fanlights, taperlight, floodlights, torchlight, skylights, gaslight, streetlights, and twilight. Or whatever word(s) ending in light scintillates you over the next thirty-one days. We’ve got plenty of choice with more than fifty words in the English language ending in light, and even more in other languages. So whilst I am not expecting any squares of trothplight we can share the limelight under all the spotlights!

2020 has just begun and many places usher in the new year with fireworks. The photos below were actually taken on 4th of July in Elk Grove Village a few years back, since I did not attend nor photograph any New Year’s fireworks.
20170704_211441 (2).jpg

We spent a quiet New Year’s Eve as we have for the last several years: noshing and drinking wine at my sister’s house while playing some rip-roaring games of Scrabble!
scrabble.jpgHere what we missed by not being squeezed among the crowds at Navy Pier in Chicago:


CFFC: Lights

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is lights.

Symphony Center, Chicago

Tiki Terrace Hawaiian restaurant, Des Plaines, IL
20180520_184334.jpgBeatles tribute band, American English, in concert at Surf Ballroom, Clearwater, Iowa

Park Inn Hotel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in Mason City, Iowa:
At a side entrance
Café inside the hotel
In a lounge
Holiday lights, Glencoe, IL

WPC: Night lights

Some of the most spectacular “shining” comes from the moon. I have often tried to capture the full moon as it rises or sets. Night shots can be somewhat eerie, appropriate for Halloween!

Here are some of my efforts, for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine.

Moon over Beau Drive, Des Plaines (February)

Full moon appears above a red maple tree - Prairie Lakes parking lot.
Full moon above a red maple tree – park district parking lot (October)

Full moon casts a glow on snow-covered fir tree. (February)

Full moon through tree, as seen from our deck (early March)

Full moon filters through the canopy of leaves above our deck.
The light of the full moon filters through the canopy of leaves above our deck. (October)

Moon setting behind our neighbor’s house across the street (early March). I was amazed to see the moon going down one early morning, something I had not witnessed before.

Full moon rising (left of pillar) and artificial lights  at an outdoor concert (September)

Street lights create some spooky effects, too.

Street light casts a glow on new fallen snow in front of our house. (late November)

Snowy evening: street light illuminates a snow-laden tree
Snowy evening: street light illuminates a snow-laden tree. (late November)

Note: All photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy 4 or 5, in Des Plaines, Illinois, except the concert which took place at College of duPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.