October Squares: Nature in Art on Display

Here is my contribution for today for Becky’s October Square with the topic lines & squares.

These are photos of artwork that I saw on display (except the last one, which I drew last week). Each one has definitive lines and each also incorporates nature into the artwork.

At an art gallery in Poulsbo, WA: Notice how this artist has incorporated lines of musical notation into the white spaces (birches and birds) of her painting.
Artwork for sale in a display window, Poulsbo, WA:
DSC02307 (2)
Detail from a box on a table in the lobby at the Moorings in Arlington Heights (most likely made by one of the residents):
20191011_172945 (2)
Here is the entire box:

My latest “still life” in pencil and pastel pencil (not on display!)
20191008_164725 (2).jpg


WPC: Slanted and Straight

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to present photos showing “lines.”  

These photos all contain lines that slant together with lines that are straight, which is how I selected photos for this challenge.

Slanting double trees with hyacinths
20180424_145834Wooden door of a storage shed 20170831_142117_001
Fences create slanting lines when viewed head on – they lead to a hypothetical vanishing point.  This is called one-point perspective, a basic technique used in drawing and photography.  Below, a fence in León, Nicaragua followed by a fence in Des Plaines.
KODAK Digital Still Camera

20170907_143202Buildings also offer excellent opportunity for juxtaposed slanting and straight lines using one-point perspective, such as the outside of the Des Plaines Library and …
20180322_142823a hallway at Writers’ Theatre in Glencoe, Illinois.20180427_191419and a row of chairs in that same theatre. (A few curves, too, since not all the chairs fold up uniformly!)
Nature combined with man-made structures offers another opportunity to photograph slanted and straight lines.  This photo shows the contours of nature in the trees, and how they have been cut to accommodate telephone wires.