Castle Perspectives

A castle on a hill…sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? And to us modern tourists, seeing one castle after another on the Rhine River is a dream come true – we admire their beauty and their history. Castles were built not just as residences for royalty, but fortifications against invading enemies. Positioning them on hilltops above a […]

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Perspectives of a Wildflower

Queen Anne’s Lace is a wildflower that grows in a variety of conditions and is found throughout the United States. Many of the white lacy flower heads contain a tiny reddish-purple flower in the middle, but not all have this. It’s interesting to examine Queen Anne’s Lace because looking at it from different viewpoints shows […]

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Perspectives of a Stairway

During the lockdown, we took a little jaunt out of metro Chicago and found ourselves in the town of Woodstock, IL. Woodstock is most famous for its historical square in the center of town, dominated by the imposing Woodstock Opera House. It is now used as a theatre and arts center. Here are 2 perspectives […]

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