April Squares 29: Iowa State Capitol

The Iowa state capitol in Des Moines is atop a hill and offers a panoramic view of the city’s downtown. The exterior is entirely of stone with elaborate columns, cornices and capitals.20180927_094019
Looking up inside toward the top of the dome
20180927_103938 Iowa Capitol dome
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The Iowa state capitol building is one of the prettiest I have seen, so I am including more photos highlighting the decorative tile floors and ceilings. The interior is constructed with several types of Iowan wood as well as 29 types of imported marble.
The House of Representatives, looking down:
and above, elaborate decor.SONY DSC
Colorful designs mark the floors, stairways and ceilings.
20180927_10155920180927_10254820180927_10361720180927_10370320180927_10390820180927_104541SONY DSCSONY DSC
Mosaic murals
20180927_101633SONY DSC
Looking toward the center of the building, the rotunda below
The library is a real gem!
20180927_103226SONY DSC
If you are ever in Des Moines, the state capitol is worth a visit – bring your camera!

Wikipedia: Iowa State Capitol

CFFC: Patterns Around the World

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns, I am going multicultural!

November 2018: At a Chicago Sinfonietta concert celebrating the Indian festival of Diwali,  during the intermission, audience members (especially children) made their own Diwali patterns using glue and glitter on preprinted patterns. Here are two of my favorites.
December 2018: In Egypt, we visited Al-Azhar Mosque with beautiful Islamic patterns.
At a Christian church on Christmas Day, we visited a Coptic church known as the “Hanging Church” where there were many examples of Arabic influence in the décor inside the church.

January 2019: We visited the Church of all Nations in Jerusalem, Israel, next to the Garden of Gethsemane:
Floor tile patterns

Decorative gate in front of the church20190113_080512
In Old Jerusalem, we went to Temple Mount where the famous golden Dome of the Rock is located. The outside of this building is decorated with beautiful mosaic patterns in a style typical of Islamic art:
January 26, 2019: Back home again, our daughter got married at an interesting, eclectic venue (normally used as a photography studio) in which there are several one-person bathrooms, each decorated differently. My favorite was the one decorated with a Frida Kahlo theme. Here are some of the colorful Mexican style tiles on the floor:
I hope you have enjoyed these patterns from around the world!

For more about Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, see Journey to Egypt: Part 4 – Visiting a Mosque and Celebrating Christmas in Cairo.

For more about the Hanging Church in Cairo, Egypt, see Journey to Egypt, Part 6: Coptic Churches & Ben Ezra Synagogue.

For Israel locations, I will be blogging about them soon!

Capitol Series #1: Lincoln, Nebraska

May 29, 2018

On our recent road trip, going out to California, we chose our destinations. I had never been to Nebraska (the only state completely west of the Mississippi that I had never set foot in), so on our way west, we stopped in Lincoln and North Platte, Nebraska. (Yesterday I posted about Bailey Rail Yard in North Platte).

Lincoln, the capital, was the city in Nebraska I really wanted to visit. Having driven all day yesterday from Chicago, we stayed overnight in Omaha, then the next morning drove the 50 or so miles to Lincoln.  Our first stop was the capitol building. SONY DSC
I am including this post as my contribution this week to Norm’s Thursday Doors weekly challenge, because there are at least three doors among these photos!

There was some construction going on at the capitol building, so we could not enter via the front door. Instead, we were directed by signs to enter on the east side of the building admittedly not the prettiest doors!SONY DSC
Nebraska’s capitol reminded me somewhat of the capitol building in Bismarck, North Dakota, in that it was built in an art deco style. However, Nebraska’s capitol does have a dome at the top, which the North Dakota capitol did not.

In 1922, when the new capitol building was commissioned, the architect included two artists, sculptor Lee Lawrie and mosaicist Hildreth Meiere, on his design team in order to integrate art and architecture. Since these artists were from New York, they relied on a Nebraskan Professor of Philosophy Hartley Burr Alexander to develop a thematic program to guide their work. Alexander’s guidance can be seen throughout the building interior and exterior.

This interior door, my favorite, is decorated with a brightly colored Native American theme. 

Meiere’s floor and ceiling mosaics representing the natural, social and political development of Nebraska were influenced by Alexander’s ideas.20180529_102339d
Some of the mosaic murals were abstract… SONY DSC

SONY DSCwhile others depicted pioneer life.SONY DSC




The rotunda floor had interlocking circles with Romanesque themes, surrounded by borders depicting various animals.
It was the day after Memorial Day, a popular time for school field trips.
This is the dome you see if you stand in the middle of the rotunda and look up. Can this possibly be the dome on top of the building? I don’t think so.
A chandelier shaped like SaturnSONY DSCCeiling above this chandelier
There are elevators available to go up to the Congressional offices and possibly,
get a look at the dome at the top.  (The statue on top of the dome is called “The Sower,” a person casting the seeds of life to the winds. It was created by New York sculptor Lee Lawrie.)
Follow this hallway to enter the House of Representatives.20180529_105916
House of Representatives (We were not able to visit the Senate).
The ceilings in the hallway were beautiful works of art in themselves….20180529_103337
…and so were the floors.
A blocked door at the end of the hallway above
The Nebraska Hall of Fame took up two hallways, with busts of notable Nebraskans…
including Willa Cather (author), Mari Sandoz (novelist and historian), William Jennings Bryan (statesman), Standing Bear (Ponca chief), Hartley Burr Alexander (philosopher, professor), John Gneisenau Neihardt (Poet laureate), Gilbert M. Hitchcock (journalist), Alvin Saunders Johnson (humanitarian, educator), among others.

Oh, and not to forget the most famous of all, Red Cloud (Oglala Lakota warrior) and William Frederick Cody “Buffalo Bill” (soldier, showman of the West).

Outside the capitol was the Lincoln monument. It is the only structure on the grounds that predates the construction of the capitol. At the 1912 dedication of this monument, William Jennings Bryan spoke to a crowd of thousands. The statue was sculpted by Daniel Chester French, commissioned in 1909. The bronze statue’s posture is one of reverence over a grave, representing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which is carved on a stele flanked with eagles.
I thought the state capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska was the most beautiful I have ever seen. However, on this trip, I was to see four more!

Photo Essay: Santo Domingo del Cerro Cultural Park, Antigua, Guatemala

After a walking tour of Antigua, our hungry tour group ascended a hill by bus to have lunch at The Golden Fork restaurant as well as explore the cultural park which promotes Guatemalan artists’ work.

Panama Cruise C 581

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Wood carving – Quetzal (Guatemalan national bird)


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Nature’s artwork!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Panama Cruise C 600

KODAK Digital Still Camera


KODAK Digital Still Camera