Alaska 2016: By Train and ATV to Denali

Monday, August 29, 2016                Today we had a 9-hour train ride from Anchorage to Holland America Line’s resort north of Denali National Park.  The train was also a collaborative effort between Alaska Rail and HAL.  This train was called the McKinley Express. We were seated in a specific car in assigned seats on the upper […]

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Misty Fjords National Monument

August 23, 2016 I wasn’t sure what to wear on the excursion “Misty Fjords Wilderness Tour.”  I ended up wearing a T-shirt with my hoodie over it.  I packed the warmer of my two jackets, and my hat in case of rain.  I also packed my little purse that help my key card, driver’s license, […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Grand – what does it mean? In Spanish, the cognate is “grande”, which means big. However, “Grand” means more than just big: to me, it means majestic, awesome, breath-taking. In my travels, I have seen many places, both man-made and natural, that I would consider “Grand.”  Here are just a few of them: By far […]

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Peru 2008: Cusco to Puno

(It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated my Peru journal. I hope to finish it in this round of posts!) July 2, 2008 Today we separated from the few people in our group who ended their trip at Cusco. They departed by air for Lima, while the 12 of us remaining proceeded by bus toward […]

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