FOTD: Tulips

I came across this photo I took on Mothers’ Day this year.¬† Now that cold weather is making its appearance here in Chicagoland, I love the reminder of spring! Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day, 10/11/18.

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FOTD: Clematis

I didn’t realize this was clematis until I looked it up on a plant identification app. They were so fragrant I thought maybe they were jasmine! Also, I had never seen clematis that were this tiny and white. These were growing in a cascade of vines in a friend’s backyard. Zoom out:

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Copious Gatherings

Many bird species gather in large numbers. I often hear a chorus of sparrows when I pass by their favorite trees or hedges. Copious gathering of cattle egrets (Tarangire National Park, Tanzania): along the lakeshore and even in the trees! Copious gathering of flamingos (Amsterdam zoo): Posted for photo challenges RDP 9/17/18: Copious and Becky’s […]

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