FOTD: Hydrangea

The hydrangeas are approaching the end of their season. I have both those in bloom… …and those that have turned green, which is still pretty because they don’t just wilt! Have a look and participate in Cee’s FOTD 8/31/19.

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FOTD: Elegant Zinnia

(8/29/19) I have confirmed with my PlantSnap app that this is an “elegant zinnia!” I don’t know what this flower is, but I was fascinated with its petals and stamen. It’s another of the many flowers in our new community’s garden. If anyone can identify it, I sure would appreciate it!  I support Cee’s FOTD […]

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BOTD: Duck Family

I posted a couple of days ago a family of swans out for a stroll in our new community. Here is a duck family that shares the same pond, heading back to it after a walk. (The ducks are all adults now, but since there are so many of them together all the time, I […]

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FOTD: Marigolds

At the senior community where we have moved to, there is a large enclosed garden, where residents can sign up for a plot and plant whatever they want. A lot of people plant tomatoes. Many also plant flowers – mostly annuals, some perennials. Here are some bright orange marigolds. Closer: If you love flowers and […]

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FOTD: Sunflowers in a Heat Wave

While many of the flowers we saw in the gardens of the historic bishop’s palace in Wurzburg, Germany, were bright and colorful, it was clear these sunflowers were being affected by the heat wave that had lasted for over a week in late June. The heat wave ended up lasting for about two weeks, with […]

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FOTD: Sunflower

We just moved to a senior living community in Arlington Heights, about 15 minutes northwest of Des Plaines. Many people here have beautiful garden plots. We can see the community gardens from our back porch. Right on the back corner (closest to us) are some sunflowers. Closer: Even closer: Check out all the beautiful blooms […]

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