Sunday Stills: You’ve Got a Friend

Terri Webster Schrandt’s Sunday Stills this week is to share photos of friends.

My grand-nieces Frances (age 3) and Sylvia (age 4) are cousins and (usually) friends. They play together frequently because both live in Madison. Their dolls are also their friends.¬†20180630_172928Marcia and Dee are two friends from my church. We had dinner together in Evanston before attending a piano recital at Northwestern University.20180526_195428Finally, who’s a better friend than one’s spouse? Usually, anyway! Here are the two of us in a selfie taken at Mader’s Restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ending with the James Taylor classic “You’ve Got a Friend.”


WPC: Making the Temporary Permanent

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is Temporary. Nature’s beauty has an element of permanence, in that there is always beauty to appreciate at any time of year and the fact that the seasons come and go and nature “repeats itself.” Still, in spite of this repetition, none of nature’s beauties are ever exactly the same, and as summer changes to autumn, and autumn to winter, I find myself nostalgic for warm weather, for flowers, for the brilliant color of sugar maples in the fall, and the wonder of growing children.

Here are some temporary beauties I have appreciated over the last several months.

I often pass a house in my walks around the neighborhood, where beautiful and changing flowers bloom along a white fence, such as these pink cone flowers, white lilies and purple phlox.
A special moment is getting close to a loon on a Wisconsin lake…

and the full moon rising through the trees over that same lake.
I love the beauty of a sunset behind a marina in San Diego…

…or accented by the streak of a jet stream¬† in Indiana…

…as well as the perfect fall leaf.

Most wonderful of all is watching nieces and nephews grow and change (clockwise from top left: Rosie, Leslie with sons Max & McKay, Maggie with daughter Frances, Xavier, Grace & Sylvia.)

Although all these wonders are temporary, I am comforted by having captured them all permanently in photographs, which I am able to admire again and again!

CFFC: Happy

The theme for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Happy. Here is a slideshow of some happy memories of this year with family and friends.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. My grand-niece, Sylvia, eating ice cream
  2. Dale & I at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
  3. Rosie playing with her mom, my niece Julia
  4. My niece, Allie, gets kisses from her sisters on her wedding day
  5. My friend, Marcia, and I enjoy a walk in Maggie Daley Park
  6. Selfie of former co-worker, Sue (who I haven’t seen for a few years!) and I at a show by her partner’s band, the Stingrays



All pictures were taken by me or with my camera except Allie & her sisters.






CB&WPC: Candid Family Fun

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge with the theme Candid, I remember good times with family members this past July in Wisconsin. We rented two lodges from Black’s Cliff Resort on Lower Kaubashine Lake, near Hazelhurst for a week. Oh, yes, family fun time also fits into Becca’s Nurturing Thursday! Here are some memorable moments:

20170708_185306 (2)
Cake on Daddy’s birthday


20170708_192911 (2)
Games on the deck


20170709_171202 (2)


20170710_192218 (2)
Making s’mores!


20170710_094244 (2)
3-year old Sylvia puts away poker chips.


20170713_160620 (2)
Dale enjoys being at the helm of a boat – in this case, a pontoon boat.


20170713_162717 (2)
All the children must have life jackets.


20170713_163621 (2)
Mommy shows Frances how to take a selfie!