The Hunt for Joy: Making a Rainbow

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy is in its 18th week and the theme for this week is Make Your Own Rainbow.

I love to draw and occasionally paint. I also enjoy coloring books. Here are two coloring pages I did. The first is called “Rainbow Wheel Mandala,” done with markers. The second is “Rainbow Tessellation,” done with gel pens.

Some of my other artwork: The first is called “Arizona Desert,” which I painted with acrylics; the second is untitled, drawn with charcoal pencils.

As bloggers who follow me know, I do a lot of photography also. These photos I took in various places at various times.

DSCF3479 (2)

Gay pride at Solstice Parade, Seattle


Colorful scene in Regensburg, Germany


This colorful Tanzanian bird is called lilac-breasted roller, and it really does seem to have every color of the rainbow!


Sunset over North Atlantic Ocean


A real rainbow, South Dakota. We should have stopped and hiked over that field to the end of the rainbow to see if there was a pot of gold! 😉



CFFC: Things People Play With

The topic this week for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Things People Play With. (I apply the term “Play with” rather loosely! 🙂 )

Discarded Barbie
Lost Barbie
Leaf and Ducks – Sweden
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Carnival Ride and Blow-up Slide, Des Plaines Fall Fest
18th century doctor’s tools, Des Plaines Fall Fest
Blocks, Des Plaines Fall Fest
20180916_155037_001.jpgVisitors try out a saw used to cut logs to make boats, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Dubuque, Iowa
Stingrays – you were allowed to put your hand in and touch them if you washed your hands before and after! (National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Dubuque, IA)
Electric guitars and drums – band Size of Sadness, Chicago
Having fun painting at Bottle and Bottega, Park Ridge, IL
Mary paints a tree, Angela a dragon

RDP #72: Cat

The Ragtag Daily Post theme today is Cat. That’s a big one for me, since I am a cat lover!! But I’ll be selective…here goes.

Dale (my husband) and Katy (me) with two big cats outside an art gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

I recently went to a wine and painting event with some women from my church. Most people painted a flower. I painted a cat! (This is the first painting I’ve done since college.)
Cat-o-nine-tails at West Park in Des Plaines, where I often walk.
Finally, my cat Hazel, sitting on our coffee table (which she’s not supposed to do).