Thursday Doors: A Charming Bakery

I haven’t participated in Thursday Doors lately, since I rarely go anywhere where there are interesting doors. But last week was my sister’s birthday and we went to Highland Park to visit her daughter. My sister had heard of a Caribbean restaurant in nearby Highwood called El Burén, where there are Cuban and Puerto Rican […]

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FOTD: Zinnia

I think this is a zinnia? Different than any I’ve seen before, though! Taken at Chicago Botanic Gardens on 7/23/20. Cee’s FOTD 8/6/20

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CPP: Surrealism

I have a photo software on my cellphone called SnapSeed and in June, I produced these cool images of flowers using some of the features on the software, but now I cannot remember how I did them and have not been able to produce any more! At least, these psychedelic ones (the first 2), the […]

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