SquareTops: Abe’s Top Hat

All Americans know about Abraham Lincoln and his famous top hat. The person in this photo is an Abe Lincoln impersonator, who looks a lot like the real Abe and is as TALL as the real Abe! He did a fantastic job on his presentation at our senior community last fall. The photo above is […]

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FOTD: Daffodils

I’m going with Cee’s idea to post yellow flowers. These are my daffodils. I planted daffodil bulbs last fall all around the outside of our new house. Most of them are still coming up, no buds yet, but the ones I planted on the east side of the house are blooming nicely! Zooming out, all […]

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April Squares: No Foolin’!

Becky’s back with her square challenge for the month of April! The theme is top. Becky says: We have five idioms, to choose from; On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak (tiptop) or uppermost part of something. Under the Big Top – topping or covering (or if you are really lucky a circus!) […]

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