FOTD: Tomato Flowers

These flowers on my tomato plants will soon develop into tomatoes. The second photo isn’t very good but you can see the first baby tomato on the branch under the flowers! These are in a small area next to our patio. Cee’s FOTD 6/9/20

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On the Hunt for Joy: Shades & Hues

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy challenge continues with this week’s topic: color code. She says: This one is all about color and keeping the same color or hues together. Tip from Ingrid Fetell Lee: Color-code: Organizing by color brings instant harmony to your bookshelf or your closet. The best photos I’ve taken that are […]

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FOTD: Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

This pitcher plant attracts insects with its nectar and is caught on the plant’s rim, which has a slippery surface. When the insect lands or crawls onto the slippery surface, it falls down into the plant and is consumed by digestive juices the plant produces. Carnivorous plants such as the pitcher plant grow in areas […]

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2020 Photo Challenge #6: Patterns

2020 Photo Challenge is about working on techniques to improve one’s photography. This month’s theme is patterns. Here are some of the host’s suggestions: February: Being Creative with Patterns look for various types of patterns – squares, circles, triangles and so on. Shoot from a different perspective. Look up, look down or shoot from a […]

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FOTD: Flowering Bushes in Israel: Church of the Beatitudes & Capernaum

Again, I am posting flower/plant photos taken exactly one year ago. On January 10, 2019, we visited several places in northern Israel, including Capernaum, a village where Jesus spent much time teaching and healing. Archaeological excavations have revealed two synagogues, one built on top of the other. This second photo was taken in the gardens […]

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