Writing 201: Elegy for Mother

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 5 Form: Elegy Theme: Fog I didn’t use the device of metaphor in this poem. Instead, I used repetition, and a pattern in the number of lines per stanza. Elegy for Mother She could no longer travel; Now fog descended over her eyes – Fog that didn’t allow her to read, […]

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Acrostic trust

Today’s assignment in Writing 201 is: Topic/theme: Trust Form: Acrostic Device:  Internal rhyme Once again I find it necessary to write two separate poems on the topic – an acrostic poem and a poem using internal rhyme. My acrostic tells the characteristics of the man I love and trust. The one who is: Truthful, Responsible, […]

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A journey by limerick

Writing 201/poetry: word prompt: journey Form: limerick Device: alliteration Although I tried, I couldn’t do all three in one poem! So I wrote two: Limerick Journey To describe ‘journey’ in a limerick It needs to be summed up very quick If I could arrive anywhere by five I’d find out what makes the world tick! […]

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku

Through a window Bedroom The storm in its rage leaves behind a single leaf plastered to the screen.   Stairway The setting sun’s rays bathe a bush in golden light in my neighbor’s yard. Pantry The full moon’s bright light Illuminates tree branches. Leaves sparkle and dance. Dining room Dry garden remnants remind me of […]

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