CFFC: Bridges

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the topic of Bridges.

One of my early photos in high school, when I was learning how to take and develop photos. This is a bridge on my high school campus.
Amsterdam, taken from a boat tour
Pegasus Bridge in Normandy, France
This bridge in Cologne, Germany had a fence covered with padlocks, which represent love relationships.
That same bridge in Cologne, Germany, at sunset
Bridge and kayakers in Bamberg, Germany
International bridge at Panama Canal
On the Chicago river, this low red bridge is in the district of Chinatown.
Another bridge on the Chicago River
Devil’s Elbow Bridge, in Missouri
On the St. Lawrence River near Quebec

Kinda Square: Markets

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus from blogging and participating in this challenge, so this time I’m including multiple photos for Becky’s October KindaSquare challenge, because there are many different KINDs of markets around the world!

Square Perspectives: 2-Dimensions Meet 3-Dimensions

For Day 6 of Becky’s July Square Perspectives challenge, I look at the artistic angle of perspective: Art – the method by which solid objects drawn or painted on a flat surface are given the appearance of depth and distance.

A few years ago, we took a cruise from Boston to Montreal, and one of our stops was the lovely Quebec City. Wandering around, I saw a mural, which took up an entire wall and, next to it, another one of (famous) people in the windows of a building. These murals were so realistic and blended so well with the surroundings, that it would be easy to mistake them (fortunately I didn’t, because I would have walked into the wall!).

I can’t square the second photo because you need to see the entire wall to get the proper effect.

Thursday Doors With Flowers

Since I haven’t gone anywhere lately where I could photograph doors, I’m recycling some previous ones I’ve posted, thematically. This week for Norm’s Thursday Doors, I present doors with flowers.

Luxor, Egypt
Des Plaines, IL, USA
Quebec City, Que., Canada
Chicago, IL, USA
Des Moines, IA, USA
Maisons-Alfort (near Paris), France
Maisons-Alfort, France
Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany
Miltenberg, Germany
somewhere in northeastern France
Caen, Normandy, France
Woodstock, IL, USA
Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Schaerding, Austria
Regensburg, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany
Santa Fe, NM, USA

Hunt for Joy Challenge: Up On the Roof

Cee’s weekly challenge On the Hunt for Joy, is in week 5. This week the topic is Count Chimneys, which includes photos of chimneys, weather vanes, spires and satellite dishes. How is this topic about hunting for joy? She explains: Tip from Ingrid Fetell Lee: Count Chimneys: As you’re walking around, keep a tally of chimneys, spires, or weathervanes. Looking up at the rooftops lifts your gaze, which opens up your posture and allows more light into the eyes, two things that can help to improve your mood.

I admit, some of these photos did not involve looking up, but rather looking down, but even so, they are of chimneys, weather vanes, and spires (no satellite dishes!).SONY DSCDSC01863 (2)DSC01697DSC01530 (2)DSC00351DSC00356 (2)DSC0039920190618_124715j


Under a Bridge

Jenn at Traveling at Wits End has a weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is to “photograph under a bridge.”

From a cruise ship on the St. Lawrence River, Quebec Province, Canada


SONY DSCFrom a cruise ship, Panama Canal
KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still CameraWhile cruising on an electric boat on the Chicago River20160626_160307

I end with an appropriate song, one of my favorites, from my favorite music duo, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

CFFC: Up and Down We Wander

Ways to go up and down outside is Cee’s theme this week for her Fun Foto Challenge.

I think I would be too chicken to go up in a hot air balloon, but an enclosed cable car or funicular is fun.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Funicular from lower Old Quebec to upper Old Quebec, Quebec City, Canada

Many of the people going from upper to lower (or vice versa) Quebec opt for the stairs, as can be seen by the crowd of people ascending or descending the stairway near the funicular.
20171006_135914I use stairs as much as possible, even if I have to stop in the middle to catch my breath. Five years ago, I climbed these stairs – easier then than it would be now!

Monk Mound, Cahokia Mounds State Park, Illinois (looking up)


Looking down from the top of Monk Mound, Cahokia Mounds State Park, Illinois

Hiking is a lot more my style, especially when the path is smooth! We took a tram into Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona and walked back, mostly uphill but easy, with beautiful views.DSC_0742
In Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in western North Dakota, we took a path up to a look-out point at the top of a canyon.  This is the path itself…

At the top, we saw this view looking down. The path in this picture is NOT the one we took! (Ours was much shorter; we drove halfway up.)  The park has many beautiful hiking trails for those younger and more fit than we are.  If you are one of them, be on the lookout for bison and wild horses. We saw both!
We reached the summit, where we took photos, videos and admired the views. It was VERY windy up there!
20170527_112754It’s definitely worth going up, no matter how you do it because the views are spectacular. But what goes up must come down and go home! These photos were taken in my neighborhood in Des Plaines.


A house with not one, but TWO stairways to the front door! I don’t suppose this house is handicapped accessible.


U 20180424_144012
Children’s favorite way to go up and down! On a playground with slides, jungle gyms and swings!  These are at West Park, Des Plaines, Illinois.


A 20180326_164659
A funky little ladder someone had left against a tree on my street.





CFFC: Double-U

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge continues its alphabet with the letter W. The requirements are that the word starts with w and has at least two vowels.

Windows with wrought iron bars (Antigua, Guatemala)KODAK Digital Still Camera
willow trees (Chicago Botanic Gardens)125

wheels (Bicycle with folding chairs, Quebec City, Canada)20171006_142915 (3)

warhead or weapon (Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, South Dakota)20170531_112548

wastebasket (Scandic Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark)100_0041

wood (Ketchikan, Alaska)KODAK Digital Still Camera

writing in chalk, (July 4, 2017 in Arlington Heights, Illinois)20170704_110527.jpg

Women’s March Chicago, Jan. 20, 201820180120_110234