CFFC: Signs Along the Way

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is about signs. It is part of her “which way” series, so it refers to the types of signage you see as you go along, whether by car, on foot, bicycle, etc. These kinds of signs tell where things are and which way to go.

On a motorcoach on a tour of Israel, I often took photos of places we were arriving at so I would know where I was when I took those pictures. Road signs seen from a bus:
Urban signs taken from a bus:


Driving through Jericho, Palestine



The Arabic writing over this store in Cairo, Egypt looks like a design, not words.


We did not stop at this restaurant, but I liked the sign, purporting to be a “Biblical” restaurant,  but showing a man holding a pizza!

Signs can be helpful especially if you are in a foreign country (that is, if you can read them!), such as this street sign in Quebec City.
Signs help you locate things when you are from somewhere else, such as hotels…


Would you like to stay at the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo’s old market area?

…and – most important of all – restrooms!


A most welcome respite when traipsing all over Old Jerusalem!

Signs are helpful on walking tours as well, especially in a popular place like Jerusalem. Some of these are even decorated with pretty designs. I’m particularly partial to multi-lingual signs!


This sign is a mosaic map, but it helps orient the tourist!


Back home, many signs I see along my way advertise someone’s business. I took this from our car on Chicago’s northeast side.