The Past, Squared: Oct. 20, 2016

I picked an October 20 from my blog archives. I am featuring them here for Becky’s Past Squares (or SquarePast?) today. The photos below are from two posts on Oct. 20, 2016.

For Thursday Doors that week, I posted doors of houses in Des Plaines. I have selected the ones that are most seasonal.

I like the contrasting blue & orange in this photo.

The other post I did that day was for Cee’s weekly Fun Foto Challenge. Her topic was vibrant colors. This is, coincidentally, the topic of Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week. These photos were taken on a trip to Texas, where we visited the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Dale’s silhouette in front of a neon Texas flag!
Pink Electric Chair (2006)

Square Perspectives: Poop or… ?

When you take a photograph, you can choose to put your subject into context, by showing the scene around it. Or you can zero in on it and make it look like something else. That is what I did in this photo I’m submitting for Becky’s July Squares with the topic perspective.

What do you think this is? I think it looks like a lot of animal poop. Maybe some big dogs came around and left these piles.

In fact, although they look like mounds of poop, they are actually weird tree roots! I spotted them in San Antonio, Texas on the River Walk. Here’s the same scene, zoomed out a little:

The weird tree roots from another angle.

It’s all depends on your perspective!

CB&WPC: Signs

The theme for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is signs of any kind. Taking pictures of interesting signs is one of my photography hobbies; these are some of my favorites.

Parking lot across the street from San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TexasThis is on a wall next to the parking lot across from SAMA.A train station of bygone days, AlaskaKODAK Digital Still CameraIn a restroom  at Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
132_2738 (2)
“Home of the Giant Pretzel,” Mader’s Restaurant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
20171108_195005 (2)
Alien Fresh Jerky store, Baker, California
Bagdad Café, Newberry Springs, CA
20180607_133915 (2)
Defunct Ludlow Café, Ludlow, Arizona
20180607_150830 (2)
Bumper sticker, somewhere on Route 66
Sign outside barber shop, Denver, Colorado
20180601_095507 (2)
The Big Texan steakhouse, Amarillo, TX
20180612_202059d (2)


Signs for All Occasions

Ooh, I love this topic! Signs are so diverse that I have an archive of sign photos!  If you wish to join in the fun, Nancy Merrill has A Photo a Week Challenge every Thursday; this week’s topic is Signs.

Signs can be informative…

2016-06-17 14.22.46

Sign over a dentist’s office in Chicago




…or funny!

Good sign! (Fire and Ice, Marengo)

In a restaurant in some small town in north central Illinois



Dale and I still laugh when we remember this sign we saw in Buzios in 2003!

Someone had translation trouble! Buzios, Brazil



On a corner near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin



They can be thought provoking….

This is on a wall next to the parking lot across from SAMA.

On a wall by the parking lot of the San Antonio Art Museum




Inside a restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri



…or lend ambiance to a place, such as…

Mader’s German Restaurant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

and old town Quebec City, Canada:

Signs also convey social and political opinions:


Women’s March, Chicago, Jan. 21, 2017


Sandy's sign - she used flowers from her wedding poster - "repurposed"

My friend’s sign at the Women’s March



At an exhibit about the 1960s cultural revolution at the Montreal Museum of Art, Oct. 2017






Sign in our front yard










CFFC: E is for…

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, the letter of the week is E –  words with two E in them!  The possibilities are enormous, so I limited myself to words that start with E and have another E in them.

Elves 20170622_191911


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Eclipse (eighty-seven percent of total)

20170821_130602 (2)


KODAK Digital Still Camera

My eldest sister (whose birthday happens to be today! Happy birthday, Judy!)

Ben, Jen, Judy (2)

Elephant Ears

Large leafed plant

Elementary school (where I was employed to engage and encourage students every day)

Good-bye, Winston Campus Elementary! My last view looking back at C Wing.