CFFC: The “Necessary”

In the times before plumbing, people built outhouses behind their homes, which were sometimes called “the necessary.” In Fairbanks, Alaska, we came across two outhouses, one in Chena Village, a Native American village for tourists, and another outside the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors’ Center in downtown Fairbanks. Neither of these looked as though they […]

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Historic downtown São Paulo

November 21, 2016 Another nice day, although not as warm as yesterday.  I realized that I’d gotten sunburned on my neck, shoulder, face and head, so I made sure to bring my hat on our excursion to downtown today. After breakfast at our little table set up next to the kitchen in our host’s apartment, we set out […]

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Thursday Doors: Historical buildings in downtown São Paulo

São Paulo’s main branch banks and other government buildings are large, ostentatious edifices. There are super-modern buildings with all-glass exteriors, but these in the old part of downtown are built in the style of the early 20th century. Most of them are located along XV de Novembro and adjacent streets. Particular notable are the arches, decorative facades, and […]

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