L-APC: Organized Chaos in Egypt

When I saw that Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 had the theme of chaosI immediately thought of Egypt…

Egyptian roads are chaotic. Jokingly – but not really – locals will describe to you the beliefs of Egyptian drivers:  Speed limits are just suggestions. Lines on the roads are merely for decoration (really, no one pays much attention to them – drivers make a 3-lane road into a 5- or 6-lane road!). Don’t use your headlights at night because you will inconvenience drivers coming in the other direction.

Cairo is a very large, chaotic and polluted city.


This is two-way traffic! If there is a traffic jam, motorcyclists will weave in and out between the lanes of cars.



Roof level chaos

While on our Nile River cruise, we stopped in the town of Daraw to visit their animal market. Getting there took a lot longer than it should have because we were stopped by a very slow train. Tuk-tuk, auto, and foot traffic piled up behind us.
Finally, we made it to the market, where there was plenty of chaos! The market teemed with hundreds of animals and the smell was very…well, exactly what you would expect!
Perhaps it was really organized chaos – sheep and goats were in one area, camels in another, etc. Somewhere in the back where those green tents are, animals were being butchered on the spot!


CFFC: Man’s Best Friend and Other Companions

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the topic of animals. Here are some of the domestic variety that we saw on our recent trip to Europe.

Waiting for an Uber in suburban Paris, I sat on a bench facing the Marne River, where I watched a man and his dog. At first, the man played fetch with the dog, but eventually he got tired of the game. Not the dog! He trotted behind the man, still carrying the stick they’d been playing with.
In Caen, we had lunch alongside this sleeping dog.
Another dog in a restaurant was this cute pug in Amsterdam.
A woman in a contemplative mood, or perhaps just tired, sits on a memorial plaque on a hill at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France.
DSC00430 (2)
These two dogs on leashes seemed anxious to get to know each other, which they did while their human companions chatted.
DSC00312 (2)
On our river cruise, our first stop was in Kinderdijk, Holland, to visit windmills. As we were walking along a path, I suddenly felt something wet slam against my leg! Looking down, I saw a dog – no, two – no, three dogs (or were there four?) emerge from a marsh, running and paying no attention to the group of humans in their way. I finally managed to get a photo of the last dog to emerge, this one carrying a ball in its mouth.
Sightings of farm animals were second to the number of dogs we saw.

There were sheep in pastures,
cows cooling off next to the Rhine River on a hot day,
DSC00838 (2)
including this bull who wandered off on his own.
DSC00866 (2)
Finally, on the grounds of Melk Abbey in Austria, I saw a cat – the only one I saw during our entire trip, which was surprising. Equally surprising was that this particular cat was a Manx – no tail!
It was friendly and, I supposed, lived in one of the houses along the road descending down from the abbey toward central Melk.

Finally, a species that, while not domesticated, is not afraid to approach a boat full of humans in case they might have dropped a tasty morsel into the water.  It isn’t unusual to see beautiful white swans, singly, in pairs or family groups, near the river’s edge in many European countries.DSC01277