FOTD: Snowdrops

My snowdrops are full up! I’ve noticed more of them around the neighborhood this year also.  Snowdrops are special because they appear on average around the first day of spring, so they are one of nature’s first flowers of the year. These are in my garden: I saw a plethora of snowdrops scattered along someone’s […]

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Early Signs of Spring!

I took a walk today – it was a bit windy but the temperature wasn’t bad – about 40°F and the sun was shining! Yesterday I saw my first robin of the year and today I noticed early flowers are beginning to appear! My snowdrops are coming up and a few are already blooming! As […]

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FOWC: Variety

Fandango Prompt of the Day: Variety I live in a suburb northwest of Chicago.  I also have ADHD, which craves variety. My mind constantly looks for new things to distract me from, for example, the tedium of paying bills. Life can get tedious and routine, but there always ways to create variety. Although I dislike […]

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FOTD: Tulips

I came across this photo I took on Mothers’ Day this year.  Now that cold weather is making its appearance here in Chicagoland, I love the reminder of spring! Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day, 10/11/18.

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CB&WPC: Winter Trees

In my previous post for RDP, I mentioned that we had a mild winter this past year. So mild, in fact that trees began budding in February. This was a couple of weeks after the biggest snow storm we had last February! But winter lingers and teases – when in March we all ready for […]

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FOTD: Yellow Crocuses

I saw the neighborhood’s first crocuses yesterday! Actually, they were up by Friday, but didn’t really open until yesterday. Friday: Saturday: Spring is on its way!! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 3/18/18

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