CFFC: Winter Textures

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Textures. These photos were all taken in the past three months – winter months.

Textures on screens in winter

Textures on water and ice

Textures of tree bark

Three different textures in a still life on my mantel

Texture of my favorite sweater

A Photo a Week: Texture

Nancy Merrill’s photo challenge “A Photo a Week” this week has the topic texture.

Nancy writes: We usually think of texture as a tangible, touchable thing, but it is so important when creating images. When shooting babies, I like to include textured blankets and wraps to enhance the look of the that baby-smooth skin. The face of an older person with lots of wrinkles gives character and backstory to a simple portrait. The textures found in nature provide light and shadow contrast, as in my closeup of some corn on the cob we were soaking before putting it on the smoker. She goes on to mention that photo software programs may have effects to add to a photo to create a textured look.

I unfortunately do not have sophisticated photo software, so my “textured” photos are all naturally captured.

20190814_194809 texture

A textured restaurant sign

20181224_195431 texture

Several textures here: the smooth embossed surface of the table, the shiny wine glass and the woven strands of a placemat

20190803_151859 texture

The screen provides the texture for this picture.

20190825_191726 texture

Textured veins of a petunia; also the browned edges show the flower’s wilting state.

20190812_105803 texture

Layers of texture: the smooth wavy petals, the jagged stamens, the inner bumps of the seeds. Also it had rained that day, making the inner layer glisten.

20190812_223731 texture

Foot of an aging woman, showing bulging veins with toes resting on the textured surface of a mat on top of a rug.