SquareTops: Abe’s Top Hat

All Americans know about Abraham Lincoln and his famous top hat. The person in this photo is an Abe Lincoln impersonator, who looks a lot like the real Abe and is as TALL as the real Abe! He did a fantastic job on his presentation at our senior community last fall. The photo above is […]

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FOTD: Daffodils

I’m going with Cee’s idea to post yellow flowers. These are my daffodils. I planted daffodil bulbs last fall all around the outside of our new house. Most of them are still coming up, no buds yet, but the ones I planted on the east side of the house are blooming nicely! Zooming out, all […]

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Fan of…Swans

Jez has an open-ended photo challenge, Fan of….  You can end this phrase in any way you want to whenever you want to. Right now, swans are what I have to look forward to. The only time I leave the house is to take walks around the campus of our community. We have two ponds, […]

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Lens-Artists #90: Distance

Lens-Artists #90 photo challenge invites us to explore the theme of distance, especially the ways in which we are practicing physical distance from our friends and neighbors: we are all in this together despite needing to avoid each other physically. Please share with us the creative ways you’ve found to address your need to connect […]

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Len-Artists: Reflections of…

Guest host Shower of Blessings has given us the theme for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #87: Reflections. My car is a source of several types of reflections: Reflections of holiday lights on its hood Light from its headlights reflecting on snowfall An image in its driver’s side mirror (Rocky Mountain National Park) Bodies of water are […]

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CFFC: Still Life

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge has the topic glasses, cups and saucers this week. I created two “Still Lifes” at the restaurant Gianni in Chicago, on Halsted just north of North Ave. This is our favorite “go to” restaurant when we go to Steppenwolf Theatre, just down the block. In fact, the playbill for that night’s performance […]

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