Countdown 2 Xmas: Mail Toys Snow Night

I’m back at Tourmaline’s Countdown to Christmas. Let’s see, where was I?

Day 19: Mail
I almost always send holiday cards through the mail. Usually they are late, but this year I’ve mailed them all before Christmas! I order my cards from Shutterfly and couldn’t imagine what to send in this coronavirus year! The one I chose was amusing & appropriate, I thought – it just said “Well, That was CRAZY! Happy 2021 (finally)”. It included four photos, one a selfie of me and Dale in masks, one of Hazel, our cat, and two scenic. (I am unable to copy and paste it here and I used up all the cards!) I had Shutterfly print our return address on the back of the envelope, so sending them was easy! I only had to add my half-page letter, address, stamp, seal, and mail!

Day 20: Toys

Day 21: Snow
We haven’t had any (yet)! But here are some photos from last winter.

Day 22: Night
Last night, for the first time in 800 years, Saturn and Jupiter were to line up in the night sky, and we would see them as one brightish light near the horizon. We were going to go to a park after dark to look at this phenomenon, but alas! It was cloudy!

What I like about night at Christmas time is all the holiday lights that brighten up the darkness when the days are short and the sun sets before 4:30 p.m.!

CFFC: Things People Play With

The topic this week for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Things People Play With. (I apply the term “Play with” rather loosely! 🙂 )

Discarded Barbie
Lost Barbie
Leaf and Ducks – Sweden
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Carnival Ride and Blow-up Slide, Des Plaines Fall Fest
18th century doctor’s tools, Des Plaines Fall Fest
Blocks, Des Plaines Fall Fest
20180916_155037_001.jpgVisitors try out a saw used to cut logs to make boats, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Dubuque, Iowa
Stingrays – you were allowed to put your hand in and touch them if you washed your hands before and after! (National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Dubuque, IA)
Electric guitars and drums – band Size of Sadness, Chicago
Having fun painting at Bottle and Bottega, Park Ridge, IL
Mary paints a tree, Angela a dragon

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in November

Once a month for Thursday’s Special, Paula has a list of five words to choose from, or you can, like me, do them all!

dormant – my garden in winter372

salubrious – At E+O Restaurant (Randhurst Village, Mt. Prospect, Illinois), they make a salad that is not only unique, it is delicious! The ingredients are: brussels sprouts, kale, minced shrimp, red onions, red cabbage, carrots, chilis, and sweet chili vinaigrette dressing. It is one of the most popular items on their menu and very salubrious!20170215_115738

influential – The French painter Paul Gauguin was influenced by several different sources, especially the years he lived in Polynesia. Another French artist,Paul CĂ©zanne, was influential to Gauguin in this painting entitled Woman in Front of a Still Life by CĂ©zanne.20170908_121538 (2)

earmarked – This little Beanie Baby donkey was earmarked for customers who supported the Democrats in the 2012 presidential election. His name is “Lefty.”20171105_172938_001

fun-loving – My brother-in-law sings in a barbershop chorus called The Arlingtones. They are a very fun-loving group! In June, they put on a very funny show tracing humankind from present to past.


In this number, my brother-in-law is the mermaid at the front of the boat!


Here my fun-loving brother-in-law is the guy wearing a red tunic and a wig!



Monday Windows: Store windows in Copenhagen

I love the store windows in Copenhagen. They are colorful and creative.


Pastries in the window of the famous bakery chain, Lagkagehuset.


Denmark is the origin of the most famous children’s building toys, Legos.


Advertising footwear


Store that sells lingerie. I’m not sure what knickers have to do with lingerie, though.


Necktie display, using stylized tall, narrow buildings, typical of Scandinavia


Colorful display of summer dresses and purses

All photos taken August 6-7, 2015.

Monday Windows