RDP: Flowering Trees

Ragtag’s Daily Prompt today is Rosy Hues. This is the time of year for blossoms on trees to be in full display.  These beautiful trees delighted us on our walk around campus today. Close-ups of the above

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CFFC: Touching

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is on a series exploring the senses. This week it is the sense of touch. Touching each other is something many people miss during this pandemic, where we are told to stay 6 feet away from others and not to touch our face! In fact, handshaking as a form of greeting […]

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FOTD: Pear Blossoms

There are lots of different kinds of flowering trees, and this looked to me like a dogwood or maybe apple blossoms. I looked it up with the Plant Snap app on my phone and found out it is a pear tree! It is a young tree so I don’t think it will yield pears yet, […]

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In The Tree Tops

For Becky’s April Square Tops today, I’m looking up at tree tops. This conifer has such large pine cones hanging all over it. I hope shedding them will produce some daughter trees! It’s actually not a very big tree… Rock a by, baby…this brown eagle surveys his world from a tree top in Tanzania. And […]

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