January Square: Vancouver Twilight

I captured these awesome colors of Vancouver at twilight in late August 2016 before our cruise to Alaska. Here’s the square:
Sunset at 8:39 pm PDT in Vancouver
These are rectangular so they show a bit more of the sky and dark landscape.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
These colors remind me of a painting, using a palette of several blended hues. But much as I love art, the actual beauty of nature is even more wondrous!

Posted for Becky’s January Square with the subject of words ending in light.

I had never heard of the following music before, but I went to YouTube and typed in “Vancouver Twilight” and this is what I got. Apparently Twilight in Vancouver is new – released on January 3, 2020! The composer & instrumentalist is Sarah Debnam, known as Sarah the Illstrumentalist.

January Squares: Jerusalem Twilight

For Becky’s January Squares with the topic _____light, this is a sequence of three photos taken from a lookout (Mt. Scopus, I think) when we first arrived in Jerusalem. The sun was setting, below the horizon, so these are views of Jerusalem at twilight.

The Golden Dome on Temple Mount takes center stage in this twilight photo – as other buildings of the old city fade, its colors remain clearly visible.
A minute or so later, I zoomed in on the glowing clouds of the sunset.
Temple Mount dominates the Old City again, now with surrounding street lights glowing and lights on in surrounding buildings.
Taken with Sony alpha 68 with 300 mm zoom lens, on January 11, 2019.