Melk Abbey and Town

July  5, 2019 Today we docked at Melk, a town on the Danube known for its abbey, which sits on a cliff overlooking the town. A bus drove us up the hill to tour the abbey. The Benedictine abbey was founded in 1089. A monastic school was established in the 12th century and the library […]

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WWE: Clearwater Park

There is a lovely park near here, known as Clearwater Park. It’s a great place to walk, on a sloping path that loops around the edges of the park, which contains two ponds. In the ponds there is often wildlife – ducks, geese, herons and egrets. These photos were taken in a late afternoon in […]

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CB&WPC: Small Subjects

The topic for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is small subjects. These small subjects were all located within a couple blocks of my house. I like to take pictures of things that strike me when I am out walking. I walk to exercise but also to discover. These are some of the […]

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FOTD: Lilacs!

Oh, how gloriously beautiful and fragrant are the lilacs blooming in the spring! I remember taking a May walk once when my son was in elementary school. He had allergies which caused asthma. While I was walking, I came across a blooming lilac bush, its fragrance wafting halfway down the block. I remember thinking that […]

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FOTD & YDWP: Water-Lily Tulip

I saw this flower  yesterday (Tuesday) and thought it was a crocus at first. But its center looks different from a crocus, so I looked it up on my phone app called “Plant Snap.” I found out it is a water-lily tulip! I’d never heard of this before. Anyway, it is pretty! Posted for: Cee’s […]

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