Ships on the Panama Canal

In March, we took a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego, passing through the Panama Canal. Besides the amazing engineering that went into construction of this series of locks and lakes through the Isthmus of Panama, there were a variety of different types of ships passing through.  My first career was in export shipping […]

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WPC: A Good Match

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, these are some good pairings or matches that I have photographed. I have grouped them into different types of matches. Color matches Couples/love matches 2 Cakes for a 50th Wedding Anniversary (Des Plaines, July 2015) Artistic harmony match Some things just go together matches

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WPC: Night lights

Some of the most spectacular “shining” comes from the moon. I have often tried to capture the full moon as it rises or sets. Night shots can be somewhat eerie, appropriate for Halloween! Here are some of my efforts, for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine. Street lights create some spooky effects, too. Note: All photos […]

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WPC: Solid and liquid H2O in Alaska

WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is on the subject of H2O (water). Here’s my take on it: Reflection in water:  The native peoples of the Pacific Northwest carve beautiful images in wood and on totem poles. Many of their designs are symmetrical. Perhaps they were representing what the water looks like on a day […]

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WPC: Fun

When I think of fun, I think of the exuberance of childhood – children find it easy to have fun!  Fun means different things for children, adults, and cats… Recently, I was at a birthday party for a grand-niece’s first birthday. In attendance were her aunt and uncle and their son Alex (age 2). Alex […]

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WPC: Morning in Four Seasons

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens WINTER MORNINGS: CHILLY VIEWS FROM THE WEST (FRONT) SIDE OF MY HOUSE IN ILLINOIS 7:44 a.m., February after a snowstorm:  The morning light filters through the trees and settles on the fresh snow. Although someone from my house has been outside (because of the footprints), it’s too early to […]

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WPC: Narrow in Indy

Earlier this summer, my husband and I took a 3-day trip to Indianapolis, a city I’ve driven by a few times but had never explored. I was pleasantly surprised to find many interesting things to do in Indianapolis. The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is narrow. These are pictures of some narrow things we saw […]

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