What’s That Word?

I have renamed my “Word of the Week” feature to “What’s That Word?” because I haven’t posted it weekly or on Wednesdays. I compose it when I have time and am inspired by interesting words I want to research. This post looks at the word bildungsroman. I recently was looking at book reviews of titles […]

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Word of the week: Graupel

We have had some weird weather here in Chicagoland lately. It’s unseasonably cold for April, and last Saturday the weather changed about 10 times! When I looked out the window at 3 pm, it looked like blizzard conditions, with the light snow whirling madly against strong winds. But at 5 pm, two hours later, the […]

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Word of the Week: reredos

This week’s word is reredos. (And no, it doesn’t mean to do the redo over again!) Earlier this week, my husband and I took a short trip to St. Louis, which is only about 4 hours drive from Chicago (without stops). We visited some lovely churches there, and I will post pictures of them later. […]

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Word of the Week: Zoochosis

CAUTION: The images and behaviors described below may be disturbing. The word I chose this week is a new one: zoochosis. This word was coined by Bill Travers in 1992 to describe “the stereotypical behaviour of animals in captivity. Stereotypic behaviour is defined as a repetitive, invariant behaviour pattern with no obvious goal or function.” […]

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Word of the Week: Xanthochroid

When I was a kid, my family used to love to play board games. These games were not only fun, but many were meant to be learning experiences. My father was particularly fond of playing games with his children. One of the games we played sometimes was Anagrams. In Anagrams, a player thinks of a […]

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Word of the week: shrift

English speakers have heard and occasionally use the expression “short shrift” as in giving “little or no attention to”: He gives short shrift to the work of contemporary composers, or “quick work” such as: They made short shrift of their homework, so they could go outside to play.  The implication is that it is something little, […]

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Word of the Week: snowbird

The word for this week is snowbird.  Very common, right? Why am I picking this word for word of the week?  Most people already know what it means! Actually, the word snowbird has FOUR meanings. The first meaning is the one most people know – and which I wish I were!! – which is: a […]

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Word(s) of the week: types of fog

I am pairing two weather-related words from two different places. The first is: pogonip (noun). According to dictionary.com, it comes from a Shoshone word which refers to an ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys in Western USA. Being a “flatlander” in the Midwest, I of course had never heard of this term. I […]

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Word of the Week: Grundyism

I’ve been busy so have not had the chance to post my word of the week. So I will post two this week. The word of the week (actually last week) is Grundyism. This word has an interesting history. Grundyism (noun) is defined by dictionary.com as 1. a prudish adherence to conventionality, especially in personal […]

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