Acrostic trust

Today’s assignment in Writing 201 is:
Topic/theme: Trust
Form: Acrostic
Device:  Internal rhyme

Once again I find it necessary to write two separate poems on the topic – an acrostic poem and a poem using internal rhyme.

My acrostic tells the characteristics of the man I love and trust.

The one who is:

Sympathetic and

is the one in whom I trust.

Here's a man with a face you can trust!
Here’s a man with a face you can trust!

My second poem is a parent imparting wisdom to a child:

Trust has to be earned, you’ll learn,
to find someone who is true to you.
Someone who has won, my son,
the respect you expect in return,
the love you live to give
and deserve to secure for sure –
So, you see, it must
be she that earns your trust.


A journey by limerick

Writing 201/poetry:
word prompt: journey
Form: limerick
Device: alliteration

Although I tried, I couldn’t do all three in one poem! So I wrote two:

Limerick Journey

To describe ‘journey’ in a limerick
It needs to be summed up very quick
If I could arrive
anywhere by five
I’d find out what makes the world tick!

Alliterative Journey

A journey can be
a walk in the woods
or wandering the world
in awe and wonder.

el-escorial-basilica-interior ??????????????????????????????????????????????????Photos:  Top:  El Escorial, Spain, copyright Andrew Prokos.
Bottom:  woods in autumn, copyright by the author.

Writing 201/Poetry: Haiku – Visions of Water

Water….grand as in an ocean or a waterfall, the reflection in the surface of a lake, frozen as icicles in the winter, or a mere drop on a leaf…

These were my visual inspiration for haiku about water:


River meanders,
winding and twisting its way
down to the ocean.

meandering river

Upper Kaubashine Lake

Orange and pink sunset:
Reflection on a rippled
surface of the lake.



Water dripping down
freezes into icicles
hanging from my roof


La Paz Waterfall (Costa Rica)

La Paz encanta:
Magia meditativa ,
templo natural.

Enchanted La Paz :
White meditative magic ,
temple of nature.

La Paz waterfall

One drop of rain

A fallen leaf holds
pebbles gathered in one drop
after a rainfall.

126(Images of river and waterfall downloaded from google; other images by author).

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