FOTD & YDWP: Water-Lily Tulip

I saw this flower  yesterday (Tuesday) and thought it was a crocus at first. But its center looks different from a crocus, so I looked it up on my phone app called “Plant Snap.” I found out it is a water-lily tulip! I’d never heard of this before. Anyway, it is pretty! Posted for: Cee’s […]

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YDWP: Tinkling Cow Bells

Your Daily Word Prompt’s word for today is tintinnabulation. This word is defined as: (NOUN) a ringing or tinkling sound.  Such a long, complicated word for the simple sound of bells! When we were on safari in Tanzania, we went on game drives in Ngorongoro Crater. We were told that one meaning of the word […]

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Your Daily Word Prompt: Gambol

WordPress’s Your Daily Prompt’s word for today is gambol. Miriam-Webster’s definition is (verb) to skip about in play. Synomyms are frisk, frolic. In Tanzania, we watched the gamboling of a mother cheetah and her cub. Watching these two play (always instigated by the cub, of course!) was the most pleasurable half hour of the safari!

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