Loving S Words

Catch-up time for Paula’s February Month of Love challenge! And what do you know?? All my loves for this post start with the letter S, which is the subject of /Lens-Artists Photo Challenge! Feb. 23: I love…sunsets (and sunrises, although I’m hardly ever awake for those! 🙂 ). Feb. 24: I love…spring! I already included […]

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FOTD: Lilies

With nearly everyone in the USA under some sort of storm watch, I decided to post some bright colored flowers and thoughts of spring! Cee’s FOTD 2/16/21

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CFFC: Homophones & Homographs

English is such a crazy language! I’m glad I don’t have to learn it as a foreigner! We have many words with more than one pronunciation (homographs), and many words that sound alike but are spelled differently (homophones). Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week plays on the theme of red: a pair of homophones RED […]

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CFFC: Animal Art

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the topic Non-Alive Animals. Of course, any representation of an animal has a real animal in mind as the artist creates it. But the rendition may be very close in appearance to the real animal, or it may be whimsical, or abstract. It all depends on the craftsman’s […]

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