WPC: Weathered

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Weathered.  Krista says that she looks at “these relics from the past and wonder what they’ve been witness to over the years…They’ve survived decades of sun, wind, rain, storms, and even floods.” Here are my interpretations of weathered: My mother on her 96th birthday: An old building at […]

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CB&WPC: Corners

Cee’s  Black & White Photo Challenge this week is Corners. Soviet Art exhibit at Chicago Art Institute Stone wall in Charleston, SC Revolving door at Ogilvie Transportation Center, Chicago, IL Skyscrapers as seen from Maggie Daley Park, Chicago  

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FOTD: Gladiolus

Cee’s Flower of the Day, 1/11/18 Another surprising addition to the flowers growing in front of my house – gladiolus! (Taken late last August using Samsung Galaxy 7.)  

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CFFC: Oh, you!!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is the letter U – must have both an ‘o’ and a ‘u’ in the word. Round   Fountains   Mountain     Clouds             Consumers   Couple   Spouse   Dungeon The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, Charleston, SC. It was built by […]

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FOTD: September Garden

I took this colorful shot of a neighbor’s garden in late September. Although unfocused, there is a bee visible on a white flower in the foreground. I like the wildness and variety of color in this photo. Cee’s Flower of the Day, 1/8/18

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FOTD: September Dahlia

I took this photo of a dahlia at the front of my house in September, which is when the dahlias, newly planted in the spring, decided to bloom. There are buds waiting to open on either side of this dahlia, looking almost like antennae! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 1/7/18

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CFFC: Turtle Time

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week continues with the alphabet: T – Needs to have two T’s anywhere in the word. Last year, a long-time elderly member of my church passed away.  A memorial service was held at the retirement home where she had been living for several years.  On the back table was her […]

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