SquareTops: Antlers

For Becky’s #SquareTops challenge today, here is a chandelier – which is at the top of a restaurant (right? You have to look up to see it!) – made from antlers. My husband and I have a monthly dinner group and each month, one of the members picks the restaurant. This was at Claim Jumper, […]

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Song Lyrics Sunday: Happy Birthday

The ubiquitous classic, Happy Birthday to You, actually has a rather interesting history.* I’ve chosen this song for Jim Adams’ Song Lyrics Sunday  with the theme Birthday/Cake/Gift/Party/Surprise   first, because I was able to find a fun version of it and second, because it’s the song we’re all singing in our bathrooms as we wash […]

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SquareTops: Abe’s Top Hat

All Americans know about Abraham Lincoln and his famous top hat. The person in this photo is an Abe Lincoln impersonator, who looks a lot like the real Abe and is as TALL as the real Abe! He did a fantastic job on his presentation at our senior community last fall. The photo above is […]

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