CFFC: Bailey Rail Yard

May 30, 2018 Day 3 of our road trip began with a visit to two sites in North Platte, Nebraska, where we had spent the night. The first of these was the “Golden Spike Tower” which is neither a spike nor golden, although originally there was a golden spike there. Now there is just this […]

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We Got Our Kicks on Route 66!

My husband usually chooses the road trips we take within the U.S. This year, he picked Route 66. Along the route are many quirky and interesting things. Parts are beautiful; other parts are depressing – shuttered, dilapidated buildings, rusting cars and trucks. But for an education in the American car culture, historic Route 66 offers […]

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Circles on Route 66

A little preview of our road trip on Route 66!  Travel With Intent has a weekly challenge on Sundays, and this week the theme is circle. What better place to find circles than on Route 66, “America’s Road,” which celebrates our car culture??  Here are some random “rounds” from our trip.         […]

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FOTD: Tundra Flower

In the mountains, above the tree line (that is, higher than where trees are able to grow) is the tundra. The tundra is characterized by scrub grass and other plants that grow low to the ground. Scattered among the scrub are small dots of purple – tundra flowers. This photo was taken on the Tundra […]

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FOTD: Cactus in a truck

Along Route 66 in Arizona are many weird things and often someone has used rusty old car parts to create folk art. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of junk on display, left in its natural state. But whatever humans create, if left untended, nature eventually takes over. That’s what happened with this prickly pear cactus, […]

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FotD: Cactus Flower

Barstow, California. The Route 66 museum we intended to visit is closed on weekdays, which we found out when we got there.  So I went around the building taking photos of flowers. Here’s the cactus plant from a wider angle. Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day, 6/8/18.

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