Last Photo(s) for July

Now a new month is here – August already!! It’s time for Bushboy’s Last Photos of the month. Here are my last photos taken in July from my cell phone (Samsung S7 – old now, but I like it!) and my camera (Sony alpha 380). The last one I took in July on my Samsung […]

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Square Perspective #31

It is only 8:30 pm CDT here in Chicagoland, so I’m still on time for the LAST (Boo hoo!) day of Becky’s Square Perspectives! Camouflage is nature’s way of helping animals protect themselves. Like this little frog… I couldn’t believe my luck to spy this frog on a crinkly lily pad! At first, I thought […]

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Eiffel Tower Perspectives

One of the most memorable moments of our three days in Paris last June was visiting the Eiffel Tower at dusk – we did not reserve in advance to go up to the top, but it was just as well. They light up the tower in the evening so it was especially beautiful on a […]

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