Thursday Doors: Besaw Island

While on our 5-day Nile River cruise in Egypt, we stopped at an island where we visited a farmer and his family, and we were shown around the area where he lives. For Norm’s Thursday Doors feature this week, here are some doors and other sights on Besaw Island. On our way to our host’s […]

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FOTD: Bright and Sunny Yellow

As I write this, the thermostat says that outside my house right now the temperature is: -12°F. The “real feel” (or wind chill) temperature is -35°F!! (That’s -24°C and -37°C respectively!) Therefore, for any others in the blogosphere who live in the Midwest and are currently being hit by the “polar vortex”, I thought it […]

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One Word Sunday: Voyager

Travel With Intent has a “One Word Sunday” challenge and this week the one word is voyager. My husband and I have recently returned from a month-long trip to Egypt and Israel. For the Egypt portion, we toured with Overseas Adventure Travel, my favorite travel company! Five days of the tour were spent on a […]

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Thursday Doors: Luxor

We have just returned from a monthlong trip to Egypt and Israel! This is my first post, just in time for Norm’s Thursday Doors! On December 27, we were in Luxor, Egypt, where the members of our tour group walked from where our bus left us off through dusty streets to a restaurant for lunch. […]

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