7 thoughts on “FPQ #114: Gun Safety vs. U.S. Congress

  1. The problem is that the second amendment is not only (later) linked to slaves and slave uprisings (and there were MANY of them over the years, rarely documented in history books), but were also designed for the country when it wasn’t really a country. There was a time when we were a confederation, not a nation and each STATE had a militia. But those days ended hundreds of years ago. The amendment is, aside from everything else, long since outdated and has absolutely nothing to do with the modern world and modern weaponry.

    You know, they could “push through” a gun law, but it wouldn’t last. The gun lobby has a vast amount of money to spend and they know exactly where and how to spend it. It’s not just Republicans either. There are plenty of bought and paid for Democrats too. They don’t talk about it a lot, but they also don’t vote for gun legislation.

    We need to dislodge lobbyists as well as corporate and conglomerate money from politics. You can’t have an honest government when the entire goal of the vast majority of people in government is to get rich — and they do get rich. A lot of them become fabulously wealthy which they sure as hell don’t do on their salaries!

    • You are absolutely right, Marilyn. The 2nd amendment is obsolete, but I agree that we will never get rid of it. But, as you say, we could get rid of lobbyists’ and corporate money’s influence on politics. We really desperately need gun legislation. Ban assault weapons again, it’s been done before. And we must overturn Citizens United, but how with the Supreme Court packed with right wing justices? It’s depressing but I always have hope.

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