3 thoughts on “FPQ #120: All the News That’s Fit to Disseminate

    • Yes, and yes. I see real trouble coming with all these voting restriction laws, Trump supporters who are brainwashed to believe the election was stolen and have lots of weapons seeing themselves as a “militia” against tyranny, and the “recounting” of ballots in several states to uncover “fraud.” It’s too bad, because I think Biden could be an excellent president. He’s trying to ignore all this right now – handing voting rights over to the VP to deal with – but I think dark times may be coming if there isn’t a forceful enough challenge to this trend.

      I was disappointed with some of your commenters who said they don’t watch or read the news, because apathy can also be dangerous. We had apathy before and look where it got us. I don’t know what my role, or that of ordinary citizens, will be yet but I don’t think I’ll be able to stay out of the fray.

      Keep watching, Fandango, and stay engaged even – or especially – if it is depressing or scary!

      • I, too, think that Biden could be an excellent president, but he needs to realize that he’s going to be blocked by Mitch McConnell and the GOP no matter how much he wants bipartisan support. And Merrick Garland needs to grow a pair and start going after these criminal Republicans.

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